Kitchen & stuff

Spain is different. Yeah, we all know the slogan, but most people don't realize there's a deeper meaning to that phrase. I'll, eventually get into that, in another post, but for now, let me tell you that the Vet has to approve our installations. The veterinarian. The animal doctor. He has the last word on the opening of our restaurant. Sad, but true.

At this moment we are installing a crystal screen just for the Vet (and maybe a little bit also, for hygiene). The same carpenter is making us a wine rack. Looks good, I'll post a photo shortly. I'll mail the photo of the empty wine rack to wineries asking them to fill it.

As from today, the kitchen is being installed. The fridge hardly fitted through the kitchen door and we have some damages. The extractor hood hangs, but needs further installation.

So, I've been supervisor these last days. A tough job, but somebody has to do it.


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