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From Gay Grumpy to Gay Friendly

'La Casa del Holandés' has always had an open policy towards it's clients, and we feel that we need to communicate that policy to the world. That is why we've asked an online gay friend, Jay, to design the official 'La Casa del Holandés' Gay Friendly logo. We like the design, but for lack of space, we've had to reduce the size of the logo. It's in the lower right corner of every page on the site. Up until today, our site didn't have the Gay Friendly logo and therefore it lacked one piece of information. Clients need that information to choose where they are going to stay. We normally have the most charming clients, and these will be positively affected by seeing the new logo.

How to do the Wordpress 5min setup in 5hours

Wordpress has a very simple setup procedure that works in 5'. Sounds cool. Let's do it. First, let's look at the requirements for Wordpress: A webserver, that is a program where you maintain a website. Apache is the program of choice. PHP is a programming language used in/with websites. MySQL is a database where Wordpress will save the information. Second, let's see, if I install a webserver, do I want that to run always? And a database? No. Will PHP install without a problem? I don't know. So, let's install a Virtual Machine to test it all and to isolate any issues. Installing a Virtual Machine is easy but time consuming. You have to install VMWare Player (or other). Create a new Virtual Machine, put the Ubuntu 11.10 CD in and wait... After installing the Virtual Machine, do the automatic update and wait some more. Third, enter the Virtual Machine and install MySQL, Apache2, PHP, PHP module. Check that Apache doesn't show PHP content. Nice. L