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At long last we started in the restaurant business. How long has it been? About 14 years all in all. We wanted to live here in this area. Some 6 years ago we thought about starting a restaurant, and 3 years ago we bought this house for reformation. It was a long and heavy night. We were two persons in the kitchen and two in the dining room, and we ended around two in the morning. The food was good, according to our customers, so we're happy. But, we did start on a wrong footing as we gave credit to our customers. They left without paying.

Next stop: Open for business

Hi U all, We'll start the restaurant with (about a year delay) a birthday party. A Spanish will celebrate her 60th at our place. We're a bit nervous. After that, we'll open shop for the general public. Dutch Croquettes, Dutch Tomato Soup, Dutch Sauerkraut Pie & Dutch Apple Pie. How's that for 'La Casa del Holandés'? We are going to hire a cook to get started, and hopefully we'll be able to employ her full time. That would be good news.

Closing - April Fools Day

I'm sorry to inform that due to the crisis and our financial situation, we're out of business, and we haven't even started. It's a crying shame, but that's the way it is. We've been talking with the bank(s) but they won't offer us more credit and no investor seems to be interested in taking a share. I haven't talked about this with my family because it just feels so lousy to think what they must think of us. The good news is that the bank will take over the mortgage when we turn over the business to them. And I've found a few pupils, I'm giving English conversational classes now as well as informatics. We'll be living in Villanueva again.  --- Ok, nobody bought it. Lousy fools' day joke.