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Configuring Apache2 for multisite (localhost)

Apache2 is one of the most popular webservers out there. If you develop websites, you want to have WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL & PHP), MAMP (Mac ...), LAMP (Linux ...) on your development machine. I have LAMP installed on a Virtual Machine I'm using for development. First things first; unless you're an expert, don't configure Apache2 to serve as a webserver. There are hosting services out there that have professionals doing these configurations, and they get attacked by hackers A friend asked me how to configure Apache2 for multisite development. I told him it was easy and then spend the whole morning figuring out how easy it is. It's not hard, just follow the following steps... in no particular order. I'm supposing you already have one site up and running. 1. Activate the Virtual Host module     You can skip this if you already have more than one site $ sudo a2enmod vhost_alias 2. Create a new configuration file from the default $ sudo cp /etc