More Kitchen & stuff

Today was interesting, as we were not here.

The kitchen guys told us the oven would arrive on Monday and they'd be installing on Tuesday. As they didn't call, we went to Candeleda to bring my car to the auto body shop as someone hit my car a week ago. Then we went to Villanueva to give our bills to the accountant, have a coffee with some friends, buy kitchen material from another friend who went out of business. Also, we cooked, cleaned house, shopped and ate.

When we finally came to Madrigal again, we saw the truck of Jofrima and I knew they were there for us. Yes, they had been working all morning and a lot of stuff was there already. Luckily we had given them a key. We unloaded the kitchen material we had bought in the morning and then Jofrima arrived with 'the oven'.

Tomorrow Jofrima will finish installing the kitchen, and on Friday 'the oven' will be tuned. On Saturday we could be serving guests (alas, that will not be the case, the Vet has to authorize us yet).


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