How to lose a client, forever.

We have changed our dry cleaner for a number of reasons. Our former dry cleaner is a very nice man, so it took us some heart to change. Here's the story.

We try to have a clean business. As clean as can be. That includes the bedding and towels that go strait to the dry cleaner. Every Monday it gets picked up and every Thursday it gets returned. No problem there.

The sheets should all be folded the same way. That facilitates the bed making. But this was not the case, so we told him about it. 'That's because of the new girl' was the reply, but nothing changed.

The sheets should be grouped for size. That should be obvious. It's highly annoying to try to make a double bed with single bed sheets. So, we told him. 'Ah, it's easy to tell them apart' was the reply, but nothing changed.

So, when a friend of us started working for another dry cleaner, we gave him the business. And I called our former supplier. I just told him we were going to try the other cleaner and that it was not something final, and he said 'so, you're changing', and I said 'yes' and he hung up on me!

The moral of this story is that you should always listen to your clients. Even when they're wrong they're right. The client is king. And being rude to a client is something that will lose you the client forever.

We always try to listen to everybody that wants to give us feedback. Maybe we won't do anything with it, but at least we'll listen. For instance, our website. We improved it greatly thanks to all the advise from people. Sometimes it took us a great deal of time to find the way to translate it into something useful, but in the end, almost all of it was used. Thanks to everybody for helping out.

Another example is the restaurant. A lot of people told us to throw an inauguration party. That's something we'll do... when we are ready...


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