A recipe for failure

 I've recently created an account at a freelance agency to get requests. Very nice.

So far, the technologies potential clients have listed are outside my skill set, but something is bound to come my way.

Recently, I got the weirdest request: "Build a website similar to this Youtube video in three months with the technology you choose."

With the available information, I just deleted the email. This is not something I want to think about as it's a recipe for failure:

  • The scope is ill-defined.
  • The technology is undefined.
  • The team is nonexistent.
  • The pay is undefined.
  • The time restraint is unrealistic.

If you should accept a job like this, you would have to:

  • Design and create the website (and the security).
  • Design and create the database.
  • Create a functional analysis.
  • Code, debug and test the code.

You expose yourself to all kinds of trouble. As the scope is ill-defined, you risk not getting paid. Also, the people who wrote the job description are not interested in IT. They will be the worst clients you can imagine. They will not have a clear idea of what can be done in the time allotted. They will not be available when you need to consult with them. Etc.

A royal shit-storm, just waiting to happen in three months time, or less.


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